The tiefling are medium-sized humanoids. Their appearance is similar to the elves, but they do not have pointed ears, and possess a number of demonic features with varying degree. All tieflings have horns, which vary dramatically in shape and size, and long, sinuous tails. They have legs similar in shape to most animal hind legs, walking on cloven hooves.

The tiefling are well-regarded among the Pools as the only reasonable race to herd the dangerous displacer beasts. The large cats can grow to become evil forces of destruction, but several factors limit their instinctual ferocity. Tieflings seem to share a spiritual connection with the cats, who tend to trust and obey their tiefling herders. There are, of course, exceptions, especially when it becomes necessary to slay an aging beast.

Some tieflings work the mines, though this is rare. Most that are not herders instead spend their time fishing. A tiefling is just as likely to be a member of the Cult of Flame as they are to be an Ashendent or non-theist.

Tiefling: An individual tiefling, or the collective race of tiefling. “The tiefling are a bold and enigmatic race.”

Tieflings: More than one individual. “The tieflings are breaking through the door!”


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