Kragons are the undisputed upper class in the Pools. These small lizard people stand about 4-4.5 feet tall with ruddy red scales and 2 foot long tails. Despite their size, kragons are surprisingly strong and agile, making them the second best miners in the Pools, after minotaurs.

But kragons are rarely seen in the mines. They are the only denizens of the Pools able to resist the incredible heat of Flame. Coupled with their ability to hold their breaths and swim much better than any other race allows kragons to fully explore their environment, where all the other races are limited in how far waterway or fireway they can go. Kragons are the only incendium smiths, the only creatures who can boil Tears in Flame to produce fresh water, and the best at collecting intertidal creatures like urchins, clams, and mussels.

This unlimited prowess allows kragons to be kings of barter, firmly establishing their status as the upper class. It also has proved in the past to be a huge tactical advantage. There are modern cliches that imply strife amongst the races in the past. They also provide some insight into how the less physically adept kragons were able to hold their own against creatures like minotaurs.

Kragons are much more likely to be a follower of the Cult of Flame rather than an Ashendent or non-theist.

Despite their superiority to the other races, kragons have not abused their power. The Ruling Council consists of equal representatives from each of the races, and barter for necessary goods like water remains affordable. In fact, honor plays a huge part in the worldview of kragons, making them upstanding citizens who crave the respect of their peers and peer-races. But there are always exceptions.


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