Frond is a surprising plant, requiring no sunlight in favor of the heat and radiation of the Pools of Flame. It seems to be able to flourish on saltwater, though it grows faster when given freshwater. The plant itself grows in thin reeds, resembling kelp.

Its incredible heat resistance not only enables it to grow near Flame, but also lends to a very slow burning process. Frond is cut and coiled into tight balls and placed in the head of incendium torches, and lit with Flame. A frond torch can burn and emit light for hours, and these torches are a requirement for all races to see in the otherwise dark caves.

It is also edible, filled with vitamins without which animal life in the Pools would suffer. The taste is actually not that bad, and easy to grow accustomed to.

Frond is also used for clothing, being more abundant than displacer beast fur, and lighter and cooler. The Pools are filled with radiant heat from the earthen magma just below the surface of the caves, and in certain sections of the caves, furs would be uncomfortably hot, especially for the already furred minotaurs. Full-body frond suits of clothing can allow races other than kragons to approach the Pools of Flame safely.

Without frond, life would be very hard. It is revered as a gift from the gods, usually credited to Magheddon, and heralded as a source of light, food, and clothing.


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