Displacer Beasts

Displacer beasts are large, black (with a hint of blue) furred cats, about the same size and shape as an Earthly jaguar, which has a few very pertinent differences. Instead of four limbs, a second pair of hind legs sprouts behind the first, giving these cats four rear legs with which to gain purchase and push forward. Their leaps and jumps are a sight worth seeing.

Another pair of extra limbs sprouts from its shoulders; two long, curved tentacles, with flaring ends covered in dangerous barbs. This is the most fearsome weapon in the cats arsenal, followed by its bite and front claws.

Displacer beasts have an innate illusion that makes it difficult to see where they truly are, which makes it extremely easy to miss them in combat, and they have greater intelligence than normal animals, but have an innate liking of destruction.

Their instincts are curbed, to a degree, in the Pools. Tiefling herd the great creatures, tending them and controlling their blood lust until the day that they are culled for their meat, fur, hide, leather, and bone. Normally ferocious pack hunters, they have an obscure sort of connection with the tiefling, whom they trust and obey, for a while.

Cubs are immediately taken from their mothers upon birth and put in foster homes among the populace. When young, the cats pose no significant danger, and make great pets. They are in high demand amongst families with kids. At puberty, the cat’s barbs grow in, making them too dangerous for home life. They are returned to the herds and kept for breeding purposes until they become full-fledged adults. They are culled before they age any further, because they gradually lose their loyalty as they reach and surpass maturity.

The culling of adults is the most dangerous job a tiefling herder ever undertakes, and involves a large group of heavily armored people. They never go down willingly…

Displacer Beasts

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