Creation Myths

There are two prevailing schools of thought on the origin of the world, life, and existence, and each has a devout following.

The Cult of Flame proposes that it was the welling upward of magma from the earth, caused by their chosen deity Magheddon, from which life sprang forth, first as the incredibly useful frond plant, then as the kragon, then tiefling, then minotaurs, then elves. They worship in that order, with some disdain for the Pools of Tears and the Ashendents. They believe kragons were created to utilize the power of Flame, the tiefling to tame animals and fish, minotaurs to carve passages and mine, and elves to serve all other races.

The Ashendents instead worship the goddess Ashenda, whose Tears pushed back the magma of the earth, revealing the caverns everyone calls home, and forming the Pools of Tears to sustain all. Every living creature was created simultaneously and all living things are equal, except for the frond plant, the fish, and the displacer beasts, non-sentient life made to serve the sentient. They believe that Ashenda cries for the release of all races from their squalid lives, and believe there is a better place they will end up when they die. They view heaven as up, toward their goddess, whose tears descend upon them to show them the way.

There are other minor creation myths, but neither the Cult of Flame nor the Ashendents entertain any myth other than their own. There are three relevant myths:

  • All people lived in happiness in a place unimaginably better, until a great disaster befell the world. Only those wise enough to find shelter within the earth survived, everyone else seared to the bone by raging magic.
  • Creatures evolved from simpler things. From lava to frond, from frond to clam, from clam to fish, from fish to cat, from cat to minotaur, from minotaur to tiefling and elf, and from tiefling to kragon.
  • An omnipotent god, be it Magheddon, Ashenda or whoever else, created all things, but upon creating the displacer beast, realized their mistake too late. The great cat rended the god with its tentacles, destroying him or her, and interrupting the creation process forever.

Creation Myths

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